Modern Pressure

Available May 19, 2017





  1. Ugly Human Heart Pt. 1
  2. Modern Pressure
  3. Roya
  4. The Pride Of Queens
  5. When I Learned Your Name
  6. Sucking The Old World Dry
  7. Ugly Human Heart Pt. 2
  8. Impossible Green
  9. Jennifer Castle
  10. Dancing With The Lady In The Moon
  11. I Tried To Hold The World (In My Mouth)
  12. What’s To Become Of The Meaning Of Love


  1. Valerie Leon
  2. I Had To Hide Your Poem In A Song
  3. Toulouse (feat. Rachel McAdams)
  4. Hunger Is A Dream You Die In
  5. Mr. E Me
  6. One Hundred Regrets Avenue
  7. I'm Alone Now
  8. Sorrow (For Leonard And William)
  9. (Gone Is) All But A Quarry Of Stone
  10. Maybe Remember Me
  11. The Collector
  12. Dead Medium

If i've only one time askin'

  1. I'm Gonna Teach You
  2. Old Fires Die
  3. Strange Faces
  4. All The Way Under The Hill
  5. If I've Only One Time Askin'
  6. The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)
  7. There's A Hardship
  8. Learning To Do Without Me
  9. Two Word Joe
  10. If You Go Your Way (I'll Go Blind)
  11. Let Me Sleep At The End Of A Dream

Come Cry With Me 

  1. Middle Child
  2. Two Pillow Sleeper
  3. Just Between You And Me
  4. I'm Not Crying Over Your
  5. He Lets Her Memory Go (Wild)
  6. Chicken Bill
  7. When I Was Abroad
  8. Where No One Else Will Find It
  9. That's The Very Moment
  10. A New Love (Can Be Found)

Sleep Beneath The Willow

  1. Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)
  2. Hard On You
  3. Lost (For As Long As I Live)
  4. Knowing That You're Mine
  5. Louise
  6. Helen's Restaurant
  7. Paul And Jon
  8. I Won't Let It
  9. Never A Forced Smile
  10. There Are Lines In My Face
  11. Nothing

Workin' For The Music Man

  1. Workin' For The Music Man
  2. A Losing Song
  3. On The Night
  4. So Free
  5. She Was The World To Me
  6. Poor Girls Of Ontario
  7. Your Hands
  8. My Greatest Mistake
  9. Joseph Arthur
  10. Workin' For The Music Man Pt. 2

Daniel, Fred & Julie

  1. The Gambler And His Bride
  2. Runner
  3. I Dream Of Jeanie
  4. No One Knew My Name
  5. Hallelujah, I'm A Bum
  6. Down By The Weeping Willow
  7. Bonny Black Bess
  8. Clementine
  9. Your Love
  10. Johnny Sands